OOOOMMMMGGGG!!!!!! (Oh…My…Giggidy)

Who right now is not excited for graduation is really weird. Who would want to miss out on balloons decorations food fun an after party and choosing the best dress in the world,thats right NOBODY.

Hopefully the boys won’t be choosing the dress choice.

Tell me what you are most excited about or tell me why you are not excited.

I.B. Projects.

Hi Peep’s.

Are you worried about the I.B. Pro jects .If so ,Tell Me What you are doing for the I.B. Projects and why your worried? You never know ,I could Help. I know Im worried.

Goodbye, Im looking forward to see your comments.

Hi Peoples.

I am REALLY excited about the play. The Hall that we are going to is really cool but don’t be caught back stage playing around other wise … all hell will break loose. Any ways it will be a very very fun night. Hope to see you guys all ready to act and and please the crowd.

From Liv Ha Ha Ha .

P.s. What is your Favorite Scene????

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